Gift Touhou FumoFumo Plush Series Special 15th Anniversary Site


  • Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of the Toho FumoFumo Plush Series!

    This is Neji, illustrator for the Touhou FumoFumo Plush Series.

    I’m so happy that the FumoFumo series, starting with FumoFumo Reimu. and FumoFumo Marisa., has come to be beloved by so many.

    I always get a happy little boost of energy when looking at the wonderful Fumo photos people post on social media every day.

    The FumoFumo series is going to keep going! I hope you’ll continue to stick around for even more chill FumoFumo fun.



  • The “Gift Touhou FumoFumo Plush Series” turns 15 this summer.

    Since Volume 1 back in August of 2008, “ FumoFumo Reimu.” has been joined by tons of other plushies.

    This is all thanks to the original “Touhou Project” series- and to all of you, for loving the “Gift Touhou FumoFumo Plush Series” so much.

    As thanks for all your support, we’ve got a lot of 15th anniversary campaigns and events planned for 2023.

    Keep looking forward to even more from the “Gift Touhou FumoFumo Plush Series”.


  • Anniversary Campaign
  • Anniversary Campaign