東方Project ミニぬいぐるみ 藤原妹紅



東方Project ミニぬいぐるみ 藤原妹紅




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商品名 東方Project ミニぬいぐるみ 藤原妹紅
作品名 東方Project
価格 3,025円(税抜価2,750円)
発売時期 2024年5月
サイズ 全高約16cm ※自立しません。
発売元 Gift
販売元 Gift






■Scheduled to be available for pre-order at the "21st Annual Hakurei Shrine Grand Festival" held on May 3, 2024 (Fri.).

■Available for sale at the "Gift AmiAmi Online Branch Shop" from May 7 2024(Tue.) at approx. 10:00AM (JST) to Jun 10(Mon.) at approx. 11:59PM (JST). (Shipping date: around November 2024)
*These products are NOT made-to-order.If the number of orders reaches the production limit orders will close even if still within the above time frame.
*The above dates/times are Japan Standard Time.
*The purchase page will open on May 2 (Thu.) and orders will be accepted starting from 10:00 on May 7 (Tue.).

■The products may be sold at the AKIBA-HOBBY store.

■The products may be sold at events (both in Japan and overseas) which Gift or AmiAmi or AKIBA-HOBBY attends.
*The price at overseas events may differ from the price in Japan.

■于2024年5月3日(周五)举办的「第二十一回 博丽神社例大祭」中进行先行贩卖。

■于东京时间2024年5月7日(周二)10:00前后~6月10日(周一)23:59前后在“Gift AmiAmi在线办事处”有售。 (预计2024年11月发货)

■有可能会在Akiba Hobby的实体店进行贩卖。

■有可能会在Gift、AmiAmi、Akiba Hobby参加的活动(包括日本国内及海外)上贩卖。